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He-Shi Express Liquid Tan 300ml

Award Winning He-Shi Express Liquid Tan 150ml is a self tanning bronzer which tans instantly on contact with the skin, giving a lovely bronzed complexion with immediate results. He-Shi Express Liquid Tan is extremely quick drying due to its incredibly light liquid texture.  With its ‘see where it goes’ formula you can be confident of not developing streaks or patches. He-Shi Express Liquid Tan contains 6% organic DHA and can be reapplied by layering to achieve an ultra dark colour.

Using a He-Shi Tanning Mitt, apply a little liquid to the foam side of the mitt. Glide the mitt over the skin using the bronze tint to cover the desired areas. Use circular movements to blend into the skin.

He-Shi Tip: For best results use a He-Shi Tanning Mitt to ensure an ultra smooth finish. No streaks, no patches, just ‘quick and easy’ tanning.

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Tan Eraser – The Tan Removal Mitt

Tan Eraser is perfect for tan removal and works with both self tan and professional spray tanning products. It is also great for general skin exfoliation.

Tanning Mitt

This VelvoTan Tanning Mitt is an ultra smooth glove mitt for perfect self-tan application. The lotion proof barrier helps to ensure your hands remain stain free.

Place hand inside the mitt and apply a small amount of tanning liquid, mousse, gel or gradual tan onto the foam surface. Using gentle sweeping movements, massage the tanning product onto the skin.

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