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High Definition Angled Eye Shading Brush

Our High Definition Angled Eye Shading Brush features soft smooth natural fibres, and a full, angled design, making applying eyeshadow easier than ever.

High Definition Brow Wax

Translucent High Definition Brow Wax as featured in our award-winning Eye&Brow Palette will keep brows set in place all day long. Enriched with Argan Oil, which is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shiner and Vitamin A which promotes hair growth.

How to use: Use with a suitable brush to sweep lightly over brows to set them in place or mix with powder to create the effect of fine hair strokes.

High Definition Browtec

Our new and improved High Definition Browtec is an ultra-slim, retractable twist-up brow pencil that is thinner and firmer than ever, delivering precise application every time. The firm texture makes this brow pencil easy to control and apply, ensuring lines are clean and accurate. Perfect for recreating super-fine hair strokes. Now featuring a spoolie to brush your brows in to perfect shape.

With excellent colour coverage, the Browtec has a non-oily formula and contains a blend of waxes so application is easy and coverage is long lasting.

Available in three shades

Bombshell: perfect for fair hair and skin
Foxy: perfect for medium hair and skin
Vamp: perfect for dark hair and skin

How to use: Apply in small light strokes to mimic the appearance of brow hairs. Apply lightly around the brow for a defined look.

High Definition Buffer Brush

High Definition Buffer Brush is the ultimate brush to create a flawless base. Specifically designed with flat topped bristles allowing you to accentuate bone structure and blend with ease to achieve a high definition result.

High Definition Eye Blending Brush

Our High Definition Eye Blending Brush is a tightly packed brush, shaped specifically to fit the eye socket, making blending of eyeshadows easy and effective.

High Definition Eye Define

Our High Definition Eye Define is a long-lasting eyeliner pencil which glides on smoothly for easy application whilst high colour pigments and a blend of carefully selected waxes providing intense and smudge free results.

Our Eye Define eyeliner is free from Parabens and is enriched with antioxidants Vitamins C and E.

Available in three shades
Intense Black
Rich Brown

How to use: Supporting the corner of your eye, apply the eyeliner along the top lash line. For added eye definition, gently apply to the upper and/or lower lash and water line.

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