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High Definition Eyeshadow Palette

High Definition Eyeshadow Palette

Available in three shades
Bombshell – greys, silvers and black
Foxy – golds, bronzes and browns
Vamp – plums and pinks

How to use: Apply the eyeshadow powders after the Eye Primer for best results, maximum wear and true colour. Used preferred Eyeshadow Brushes to apply pigment to the eye area, tap off excess eyeshadow before applying to avoid any unwanted fall-out.

High Definition Kajal

High Definition Kajal

High Definition Lash & Brow Booster

An upgraded version of our bestselling Grow Baby Grow, Lash&Brow Booster by High Definition is enriched with active ingredients such as Argan Oil known to help enhance length and volume and is ideal for men and women who have brittle, weak, thin, or short eyelashes and brows.

The transparent gel fortifies and conditions lash and brow follicles leaving hair looking thicker, whilst added Provitamin B5 and Red Clover Extract moisturises hair making it a perfect night-time treatment or for use prior to mascara application

How to use: Apply Lash&Brow Booster to lashes & brows twice daily before make up to help achieve long luscious lashes and strong healthy brows. The slim line, precision applicator wand to easily reach the roots of hair and separates the lashes and brow hairs.

High Definition Lipgloss

Our High Definition Lip Gloss is lightly pigmented with a wet shine finish.

High Definition Powder Blush

Add a pop of colour to your cheeks with the High Definition Powder Blush, a lightweight blusher with a soft and silky formula, giving a lovely velvet finish. A long lasting blusher, it contains lightweight pigments that allow you to build the colour, with added Vitamins C and E.


High Definition Volumising Mascara

Our High Definition Volumising Mascara is a lengthening and fibre-free mascara making it resistant to clumping or flaking throughout the day and is easy to build, leaving you in control of how you want your lashes to look.

Includes an innovative, two-sided wand with one side having short, soft silicone teeth, reaching the roots of the lashes and flood them with product first time. The other side has longer, comb-like teeth separating and fanning out lashes for a true false lash effect. Contains moisturising emollients that help care for the lashes.

How to use: Starting at the root of the lashes, glide the wand through the lashes in a zig-zag motion and apply light pressure upwards. Give lashes a second and third coating with the larger side of the wand to create a greater volumising effect.

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