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Environ Skin EssentiA Low Foam Cleansing Gel

Environ Skin EssentiA Low Foam Cleansing Gel

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Environ Low Foam Cleansing Gel contains various surfactants and conditioning agents, this daily low foaming gel cleanser removes excess oil, make-up and surface impurities while assisting in maintaining skin’s natural moisture balance.

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Product Description

Environ Low Foam Cleansing Gel is a part of the Skin EssentiA range.

Use as a daily cleanser to remove excess surface oil. Beautiful radiant and healthy-looking skin has the right levels of vitamin A.

This face wash is part of Environs industry-leading Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™. The Skin EssentiA range contains a combination of vitamins A, C, and E, therefore, it is great for all skin types.

These vitamins and antioxidants and other essential ingredients assist in revealing the skin’s natural beauty. It contains a mixture of various surfactants and conditioning agents.

This Cleansing Gel gently removes excess oil, make-up and surface impurities and so helps to maintain the skins natural moisture balance.

Benefits of Environ Low Foam Cleansing Gel:

  • It helps to maintain the effects of the natural waterproof barrier of the skin.
  • Assists in refreshing the skin’s appearance and gives it clean after-feel.
  • Rinses off easily, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and super clean.

The Low foaming cleanser is gentle enough to use both morning and evening. Best applied after the Environ Dual Action Pre-cleansing oil. 

Other Benefits: 

Perfect for all skin types this low foaming cleanser doesn’t contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) which can be the cause of the tight, dry feeling after using a foam cleanser. Instead, this is replaced with Decyl-glucoside, Panthenol and Hydrolysed Oats which leave the skin feeling refreshed but at the same time help to maintain the natural waterproofing barrier, calm and nourish the skin.

Some of the ingredients include: 

    1. Panthenol: Vitamin B5, Calms, soothes and nourishes the skin.
    2. Hydrolyzed Oats: Deeply hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.  And so reduces greasiness by acting as a co-emulsifier & helps to maintain the skins waterproofing barrier.
    3. Decyl Glucoside and Coco Glucoside: Obtained from 100% vegetable origin (plant-based fatty alcohols and glucose) which maintain the balance of the skin without drying the skin.  Proven mildness and generates the foaming agent of the product
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